Posted by: Sr. Pat | August 23, 2011

Has it really been three weeks?

I knew I hadn’t posted in a while but was surprised to realize how long it has been.  The lack of posting doesn’t mean that nothing is going on around here. Quite the opposite there has been quite a bit of activity. Let me try to catch you up!

Our last camp for the summer was swim camp. As always it was our most popular camp. It is a fun camp for the children but as you know here at ABLE Families we are all about education, so half of the day is spent in swimming and diving lessons while the other half is spent on fun and games in the water.

Every year we finish up our summer camp season by having a Family Fun Day at WaterWays Park. We had twenty families signed up to join us this year but a rainy morning kept some people away. After an hour-long downpour at lunch time the skies finally cleared and everyone had a fun afternoon.

Summer camps aren’t the only activity going on around here. Our MIHOW program has been quite busy as well. We are working in collaboration with the State of West Virginia, Marshall University, Vanderbilt University, and New River Health Center to kick off a three-year random control group study of the effectiveness of the MIHOW program. This is a very important research study that could open up many avenues for the MIHOW program both here and around the country. There have been many conference calls and meetings around the design and implementation of the research study.

Speaking of the MIHOW program we are part of a state-wide coalition of in home family education programs called Partners in Community Outreach. Last week I participated in a two-day strategic planning meeting for Partners in Community Outreach. This organization has been highly effective in educating people around the state of the benefits of in home family education. It has also been very effective in helping legislatures understand the importance of funding these programs.

As the new school year begins we are in the midst of staff changes around here. Jimmy Owsley has joined us a our new Adult Education tutor. Gina Pirozzi has joined us as our new Education Coordinator overseeing both After School and Adult Education.  Molly Lueken who has served as our Education Coordinator for the past year is leaving us tomorrow.  We are in the process of hiring two new After School Facilitators.  We will be having a staff  meeting tomorrow so I can get everyone’s picture and get the website updated. Check it out next week and it should be up to date.

That’s all for now. I will be posting on a regular basis again starting tomorrow.


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