Posted by: Sr. Pat | June 29, 2011

Vegetables anyone?

I just sat down to eat with our older children in this afternoon’s session of Chef Camp and we ate a whole meal of vegetables.  How many of you have eaten eggplant?  We also had asparagus, red peppers,carrots,  a tomato sauce and potatoes. Now I know I am treading in dangerous waters here because some of you are going to tell me that tomato and eggplant are a fruit not a vegetable and that potatoes are a starch.  Technicalities aside, they are all very good for you and we had our children eating healthy things that they do not normally eat.  In all honesty, I can’t say that I normally eat eggplant either. I want to thank Linda VanMeter our marvelous instructor for Chef Camp for exposing the children to so many different foods.


  1. Cook camp sounds wonderful. Many thanx to Linda VanMeter for developing the camp over the years and using her excellent teaching skills with the campers! Thanx Linda!

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