Posted by: Barry | May 2, 2011

Sarah Sullivan’s new book

West Virginia author and friend of ABLE Families Sarah Sullivan has just published her newest children’s book, Passing the Music Down.  Sarah and her work were featured several days ago in this interesting article in the Charleston Gazette.

Sarah visited ABLE Families’ Afterschool program almost exactly a year ago (see our post on her visit here — which includes a comment that Sarah herself posted at the bottom).  She talked to our students about the excitement and importance of writing and reading and signed every child’s copy of her book.  Our kids were thrilled by her visit, and we were thrilled that she was willing to donate both the fee we had planned to offer her for coming and enough copies of her book Root Beer and Banana for every child who participated!  It was a great visit all around. 

We wish her well with this latest book and can’t wait to get our hands on a copy!


  1. Thank you so much for the good wishes, Barry. I hope everyone at ABLE Families is doing well. It was an honor to visit last year and spend time with your students.
    Best wishes, Sarah

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