Posted by: Barry | March 22, 2011

Great new WV resource … featuring ABLE Families!

ABLE Families is featured prominently in a brand new online project that focuses on community development efforts throughout West Virginia! is a collaborative effort by a dream team of state community development organizations: the West Virginia HUB, the West Virginia Prevention Resource Center, and Dream Catcher Creative.

Here’s how it’s put in the press release announcing this interesting new venture:

A new online project showcases stories of community development throughout West Virginia. The Our Mountain State website ( features audio visual stories of home grown businesses, organizations, and programs that are making a difference in their communities. The project is a collaborative initiative of the WV Community Development Hub, WV Prevention Resource Center and Dream Catcher Creative.

“Our Mountain State was developed to draw attention to local efforts to bring about community change,” said Beth Campbell of the WV Prevention Resource Center. “Improving the well-being of a community happens through many venues including new businesses, art and cultural projects, volunteer opportunities, and health and wellness programs.”

“Too often, we focus on what is going wrong in our state,” said Kent Spellman, Executive Director of the WV Community Development Hub. “Our Mountain State archives positive stories from across West Virginia, and we hope it will encourage other communities to take action and tell their stories as well.”

(The full press release is here.) 

This is a project we’d be excited about here at ABLE Families even if we weren’t a significant part of the story.  But being included among the organizations and people singled out there is quite an honor.

Here’s the ABLE Families video that’s featured on the site:

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