Posted by: Barry | February 7, 2011

Making Afterschool even more effective for the kids we serve

We owe a big thanks to Dr. Marianna Footo-Linz, director of the doctoral program in Psychology at Marshall University.  Dr. Footo-Linz spent much of her day here at ABLE Families today, presenting a training to our Afterschool staff on child behavioral management.   (That’s her on the right, discussing an issue with two of our staff earlier today.)

She went over some very helpful ideas and information with our staff, and she did it all as a gift to ABLE Families, refusing any compensation for her time or travel.  I was gratified when she explained to me the respect she has for what we do here and said that she sometimes mentions ABLE Families to her students as an example of effective grass-roots solutions to community problems.

The doctoral program that Dr. Footo-Linz directs, which prepares students for careers as clinical psychologists, places an emphasis on practices in rural communities.  We wish her much continued success in her work, and we thank her for being so generous with her time and expertise!


  1. very nice of her to do, wish i could of been there im sure she was great.

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