Posted by: Barry | December 3, 2010

ABLE Families is a ‘Promise Place’!

ABLE Families has formally been designated a West Virginia Promise Place by West Virginia’s Promise – The Alliance for Youth!

West Virginia’s Promise – The Alliance for Youth is a statewide program through the West Virginia Department of Education and the Arts. The organization helps organizations across the state strengthen the capacity of local communities to develop and support young people. Its work falls under the umbrella of the national America’s Promise Alliance.

The Promise Place designation we’ve just received goes to organizations who have demonstrated an effective commitment to providing all of the Five Promises to the young people they serve. Those Five Promises include caring adults, safe places, a healthy start toward adulthood, effective education, and opportunities to help others.

The idea, as the America’s Promise Alliance explains it, is that “children who receive at least four of the Five Promises are much more likely than those who experience only one or zero Promises to succeed academically, socially and civically. They are more likely to avoid violence, contribute to their communities and achieve high grades in school. Receiving at least four of the Five Promises also appears to mitigate gaps across racial and economic boundaries.”

‘Mitigating those gaps’ is exactly what we’re trying to do here in each of the programs we offer.  West Virginia’s Promise has recognized that we’re doing it effectively for children through our afterschool, summer camp, and in-home family education programs.  We’re proud that a group like West Virginia’s Promise sees the value in what we do here!

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