Posted by: Barry | November 29, 2010

Today is the 30th anniversary of the death of Dorothy Day

She is a towering figure in the history of the Catholic Church in America and also of the work for social justice.  She’s also a personal hero of mine — and certainly part of the reason I’m here doing what I do at ABLE Families.

To provide some food for thought, two videos.   First, here’s a neat little introduction to Dorothy that I used to show my high school students when we talked about her.  (It’s a sort of trailer, under 3 minutes long, to a much longer documentary about her.)

And if you have a little more time, here is New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan preaching just a few weeks ago at St. Joseph’s Church in Greenwich Village on “6 Insights from the Life of Dorothy Day.”

Finally, I’d point out that just a few weeks ago her collected letters were published, under the title All the Way to Heaven.  The editor of that book, Robert Ellsberg, also oversaw the publication of her diaries a couple of years ago as The Duty of Delight.  That book is wonderful reading, and I’m looking forward to digging into her letters.  (When my brother asked me last week what I want for Christmas, I named All the Way to Heaven.)

The feast days chosen by the Church for most saints are the anniversary of their death.  So I (and surely most others familiar with her) fully expect this date to someday be the one on which the Church annually celebrates Dorothy’s extraordinary life, ministry, and message.

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