Posted by: Barry | November 23, 2010

Reading: “Like a warm blanket on a cold night”

“Your job is not to teach your kids how to read.  Their teacher at school can do that.  Your job is to teach them to love to read.”  That was the message from Nancy Kelly Allen to the parents who gathered last night for ABLE Families “Reading Celebration” event.  Nancy, a noted author of children’s book as well as a few for adults, was our featured guest.

In the late afternoon, Nancy spent time with the children of our afterschool program.  She read to them, talked to them about being a writer and the joy of reading, and took many questions.  Every one of our kids received a copy of Nancy’s book, Trouble in Troublesome Creek as a gift from ABLE Families, and Nancy signed every kid’s book. 

A bit later came the evening’s main event, the Reading Celebration, which was especially for parents of young children.  Nancy spoke to the parents about the importance of parents reading to their kids, and ways it can be an exciting experience for both parents and kids.  She suggested ways that their kids can begin to experience time spent reading as feeling “like a warm blanket on a cold night.”

All parents who attended received a copy of Nancy’s booklet Read to Me! I Will Listen: Tips Mom and Dad Can Use to Help Me Become a Lifelong Reader, as a gift from ABLE Families. 

Here are a few photos from the day, some from afterschool time and others from the evening Reading Celebration event.  Our thanks to Nancy for sharing her time and talents with children and adults of the Kermit area.

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