Posted by: Barry | October 21, 2010

Lights on Afterschool!

Lights on Afterschool! is a national celebration of the importance of afterschool programs.   The President of the United States issued a special Lights on Afterschool message earlier today, and the Empire State Building and Mt. Rushmore will both be lit up in special observance of the event tonight.  Here in Kermit this evening, ABLE Families will be participating with our own special Lights on Afterschool gathering, as we do each year.

“America After 3 PM: From Big Cities to Small Towns” is special new report, just published by the Afterschool Alliance and JCPenney, about the importance of afterschool programs and how they’re done in different parts of the country.  You can find that here.   

One particular finding of that report caught my eye.  Nationally, 15% of kids participate in afterschool programs.  But in rural areas like ours, the figure is 11%.  Meanwhile, in rural areas, 39% of kids say they would participate in an afterschool program if there was one available. 

That puts the 25 or 30 kids that attend our program every day in a pretty good place.  They have a great opportunity to continue exploring and discovering after the school day that few other of their peers have and many wish they’d have.

I’ll post photos from our special evening celebration tomorrow.

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