Posted by: Barry | October 13, 2010

Publication Day!

A few months ago, I shared with you the cover image of a book I wrote that was soon to be published.  Well, today is publication day — The Eucharistic Prayer: A User’s Guide is officially available. 

This book is intended to help non-specialists better understand, pray, and live the Eucharist, and especially the prayer that is the heart of its celebration.  This is not an exclusively Catholic topic — the worship of many denominations includes use of the eucharistic prayer, and it has been a keystone of Christian worship from the start.

The book has already received some positive comments from people worth listening to.  Fr. John Baldovin, an author of some excellent books on liturgy, calls it “a first-rate peice of work.”  Fr. Kevin Irwin, a well-known theologian at the Catholic University of America, says, “Anyone who reads this book with attention and openness will profit beyond words.”  He says the book is “nothing short of a blessing for the church.”

But you don’t have to trust them.  You can browse through some of the book at either (click on “Look Inside”) or Liturgical Press’s website (click on “See a Sample”).  If you like what you see and are interested in getting a copy, it’s available directly from either of those sites. 

For a signed copy, drop me an email at  A portion of anything I earn from sales through that email address will be donated to ABLE Families.  (And the rest goes to keeping my own boat afloat!)

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