Posted by: Barry | October 1, 2010

Field day fun — and a big thank you to BB&T!

Yesterday the students of the ABLE Families Afterschool program enjoyed a big Field Day event.  We took everyone over the Kermit Community Park for lots of fun outdoor activities. 

The kids had a ball in the park, at times with some organized activities, but mostly just playing and having fun together.  Several parents came along too. 

Here are some photos of the goings-on.

Speaking of activities, ABLE Families owes a great big and public thank you to the Kermit branch of BB&T Bank, which recently made a very generous gift of a big load of items for our Afterschool program (some of which you can see in action in these photos).  Their gift included a giant beach ball, a giant croquet set, a scoop toss set, a tug of war rope, a t-ball set, a giant chess set, a giant checkers set, and a bunch of new books for our library.  Altogether, the BB&T gift included over $800 worth of items. 

These will add a lot in many ways to our afterschool program, and it’s the local kids who benefit from it.  Thank you, BB&T!

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