Posted by: Barry | June 27, 2010

In the News: Summer Camps

There’s an article on the front page of today’s Williamson Daily News on ABLE Families’ summer camps.   Here’s a snippet:

”Every one of our camps offers a creative mix of activities that are fun, educational, and healthy. That’s an excellent combination for a great summer,” said agency executive director Barry Hudock.

It’s a combination that seems to work, because this year the agency received more registrations than ever before from local kids. Camps sizes have been expanded and an additional camp week has been added to accommodate as many kids as possible.

For the first time, Hudock said, ABLE Families has rented the Williamson Municipal Pool for two weeks rather than one. This will allow an additional forty children to participate in the popular Swim Camp. Along with lots of fun in the pool, participants will also get lessons in water safety, first aid, and plenty of exercise.

Along with CSI Camp, the Books Camp is a new theme this year. It was developed in collaboration with Donalyn Miller, a nationally-recognized expert in childhood literacy. 

But the most popular offerings for several years running have been Swim Camp and Chef Camp, both of which are back this year.   All camps are offered to local children completely free of charge. Much of the funding for the camps came this year from the Congregation of St. Joseph, an order of Catholic sisters. 

”The Sisters of St. Joseph founded ABLE Families to help children and families in northern Mingo County. Fifteen years later, they are clearly just as committed to the task.  We owe these sisters a lot of thanks,” Hudock said. 

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