Posted by: Barry | April 13, 2010

Sr. Melissa’s favorite charity

Here’s a note that came in the mail yesterday from Sr. Melissa Hester, IHM. 

Sr. Melissa spent many years working among the poor in West Virginia.   She’s now spending a well-deserved retirement in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  We spoke on the phone this morning, and she gave me permission to share her note here.

Dear Barry,

Enclosed find a check for $100.  Here is the story that goes with it. 

A woman who was visiting asked me if I had a favorite charity.  So I thought for a minute and said, “Yes, ABLE Families in West Virginia.”  She asked me, “Do they help the poor?” and I said “Yes, I know the money goes right to the cause of helping families help themselves.” 

Then she hands me this money to send to ABLE Families.  I said I’d send it in her name, but she insisted on remaining anonymous. 

So here is $100 from a friend.  God bless you and the good work of ABLE Families.  Let us pray for one another.

Thank you, Sr. Melissa — and her anonymous friend!

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