Posted by: Barry | January 18, 2010

Observing MLK Day with a Blood Drive

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  It’s an important one here at ABLE Families because our mission is so close to Rev. King’s own.  Rather than be content to criticize and try to eliminate acts of racism, he chose to confront the systemic causes of racism — the social systems with which we order our lives: business, education, and law.  Here at ABLE Families, of course, the problem we battle is more poverty than racism, but we go at it by confronting systemic causes, particularly related to education.  (Of course, poverty and racism are strongly interrelated in American society, probably moreso in the south.)  And so we feel a strong kinship in mission.

MLK Day has come to be observed as a day of service.  And so we’re observing it not only with a paid holiday for our employees, but also by again sponsoring, in collaboration with our sister agency Christian Help of Mingo County and the Red Cross, our annual blood drive.  The drive has been organized this year by Stefan, ABLE’s VISTA volunteer.  Blood donations will be collected throughout the day today by Red Cross representatives inside the Christian Help site next door.


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