Posted by: Barry | January 14, 2010

Don’t Send Us Money…

not this week anyway.  We’ll survive here; this week the people of Haiti need it more, along with as many prayers as we can muster. 

The photos following Tuesday’s earthquake are more than we need to understand that.  The news agencies are suggesting the death toll will be massive, and that as many as three million people are affected

This morning ABLE Families sent a generous check to Catholic Relief Services, for earthquake victim relief efforts, and Christian Help (our sister agency, where I divide my director duties) has done the same.  Consider joining these efforts.  Besides CRS, other reliable charities that will make sure your money gets where it needs to be include Food for the Poor and World Vision.



  1. Vanderblt University has been a partner with ABLE Families for many years through the MIHOW program. We have learned so many important things from your staff, especially Sister Janet.

    ABLE Families MIHOW was one of the first programs in five states to receive Vanderbilt’s accreditation as a program of excellence. I felt honored to be present at that celebration in Kermit, when the community and admirers from around the state turned out in full force to congratulate ABLE Families. Another ABLE Families program, the “Supper in a Sack program, is being replicated in Nashville where six “Teaching Kitchens” have been organized using your model.

    ABLE Families’ impact extends far beyond Kermit and [its leaders] are among our region’s most gifted leaders, teachers, and trainers. Here at Vandebrilt, we anxiously look forward to 2/12/10 when they will be honored with a congratulatory dinner hosted by the Dean. You inspire us all.

    Best of luck to you Sister Janet in your next adventures, you will always be part of the MIHOW family, and I am so grateful for that.

    Barbara Clinton, Director, Vanderbilt Center for Health Services.

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